The Creation of TPED

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Official Announcement of the creation of TPED, with Sébastien Gonnet and Romero J.S. Tavares as founding members, respectively President and Vice President of the Association.

TPED is a Paris-based Non-Profit Organization aiming to promote business economics knowledge-sharing in transfer pricing, notably as an enabler of development of emerging economies and developing countries. I believe TPED can contribute to developing solutions grounded on economic research and then practical tools to help solve certain of the transfer pricing issues faced by both by tax administrations and tax payers notably in emerging economies and developing countries. A number of international organizations (the UN, the OECD, the World Bank, the IMF, etc.) are key contributors to capacity building and legislative development in transfer pricing throughout the world. Our mission is to complement and support their initiatives by providing business economics content supporting capacity building and normative development. I am very pleased to start this project with Romero J.S. Tavares, a great and inspiring transfer pricing professional and friend of mine. I am also grateful to TPED’s initial members, all excellent and nice professionals. — Sébastien Gonnet